Elizabeth Rex

By Timothy Findley

Barbara Worthy as Elizabeth Rex

In the small hours of the night before Ash Wednesday, 1601, William Shakespeare and the Lord Chamberlain’s Men receive an unexpected visitor to their humble lodgings. Unable to rest, the Queen herself has come to keep vigil on the eve of the execution of her former lover, the Earl of Essex. Her arrival provokes the rapier-sharp wit and keen insight of Ned Lowenscroft, the company’s brilliant performer of women’s roles, and sparks the imagination of the Bard of Avon. In the course of the long night and their often turbulent exchanges, the actor, the queen, and the playwright will confront the roles they have played and the lives they have lived, wrestling with questions of identity, sexuality, and love, and asking: what makes a man a man, and a women a women?
Cast & Crew

Barbara Worthy* Elizabeth Rex
Clinton Walker* Ned
Tom Harris Will
Rick Zimmerman* Jack
Sean Sullivan* Cecil
Dini Verburgh Tardy
Peter R. Snell* Percy
David Condren Harry
Jean Parker Stanley
Joan Taylor Henslowe
Julian Nicholson Luddy
Jake Chalmers* Matt
Lucas Porter Tom
Andrew Stoddart Ben
Jen Sargent Bear
Cee Holter Courtier
Ashley Howard Courtier
Jim McPherson Guard
Don Roberts Guard
Paul Thompson Director
Anne Anglin Assistant Director
Krista Hansen-Robitschek* Stage Manager
Andrew Binks Assistant Stage Manager
Joan Churchill Assistant Stage Manager
Gillian Gallow Costume & Set Designer
Amira Routledge Assistant Costume Designer
Phil Dowling Lighting Designer
Much Ado Troop
Jake Chalmers* Claudio
David Condren Hero
Cee Holter Lady of the Court
Julian Nicholson Friar Francis
Lucas Porter Margaret
Don Roberts Singer
Peter R. Snell* The Watch
Andrew Stoddart Boy
Clinton Walker* Beatrice
Rick Zimmerman* Benedick

*appearing with the permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association