Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave

By Maynard Collins

Michael O'Hara as Hank Williams

What dreams and demons paced through Hank Williams’ mind that cold New Year’s Ever as he lay dying on the back seat of his north-bound Cadillac? Were there glowing images of Audrey, his first wife, and of the son Hank left behind? Did his thoughts flicker to Billie Jean, his flashy new bride? And did he recall the adoring crowds and smiles that roared at his name? Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gavebrings these speculations to life. Imagining the concert that Williams never made it to on that New Years Eve, Collins permits the haunted singer to play one final show, during which all his fears and passions–all his genius and smal-mindedness–tumble out for us to see. Still, this is not a grim or preachy drama. Its dark and tragic elements are emotionally balanced by Williams’ folksy charm, sly wit and classic songs.
Cast & Crew

Michael O’Hara                        Hank Williams
Mark Haines The Drifting Cowboys
Mitch Lewis The Drifting Cowboys
Tom Leighton                                 The Drifting Cowboys
Marion de Vries Direction
Tom Leighton Music Director
Glenn Davidson Set & Lighting Design
Raha Javanfar Assistant Lighting Designer
Jennifer Triemstra Costume Design
Alexandra Gilbert Associate Costume Designer
Sam Thompson Stage Manager