Colours in the Storm

By Jim Betts

Eliza-Jane Scott as Winnie Trainor & Stephen Sparks as Tom Thomson

Photo Credit: Michael Grills Photography
1917. Algonquin Park. A most unusual species has taken up residence in the park, an artist! It’s Tom Thomson, one of Canada’s most infamous painters. In a place of such raw beauty and ever-changing landscapes, Thomson paints thousands of “sketches”, obsessed with perfection. The locals look upon him with varying degrees of suspiciom and amusement and here his life in the park and his mysterious death are played out through scences and songs, with wit and charm.
Cast & Crew

Randi Helmers* Annie Fraser, Frances McGillvray, et al.
Martin Julien* Shannon Fraser, Larry Dixon, et al.
Michael O’Hara Martin Bletcher, Mark Robinson, et al.
Eliza-Jane Scott* Winnie Trainor
Stephen Sparks* Tom Thomson
Victor Bateman                   Musician
Rob Clutton                                              Musician
Tania Gill Musician
Sarah Phillips Director
John Millard Music Director
Glenn Davidson Set & Lighting Director
Jennifer Triemstra Costume Design
Courtenay Hindemit                     Assistant Costume Design
Sandi Becker* Stage Manager

*Appearing with the permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association