Ship of Fire

By Marion de Vries, Suzanne Pasternak and Bernie Gaw
Music & Lyrics by Suzanne Pasternak and Tom Leighton
Natasha Pasternak as Patience O'Hara & Michael O'Hara as Canaan Alexander

Photo Credit: Michael Grills Photography
1853. In the waters off Prince Edward County. A young Irish lass and a ship’s crewman meet aboard The Ocean Wave, a luxury passenger steamship travelling between Montreal and Hamilton, on its fateful last voyage. This musical is based on historical events and is inspired by the lives lived and lost off our southern shore and the heroic County folk who rescued the survivors.
Cast & Crew

Martin Julien* Mr. Potter, Mr. Oliver, Captain Belyea, Priest, Chorus
Michael O’Hara Canaan Alexander, Chorus
Natasha Pasternak Patience O’Hara, Chorus
Eliza-Jane Scott* Katie, Eliza Dulmage, Mrs. Stevenson, Chorus
Stephen Sparks* Chief Coroner Dr. Williams, Chorus
Jenica Hammet Choreography, Chorus
Tom Leighton Musician, Chorus
Zeke Mazurek                                       Musician, Chorus
Alyssa Wright Musician, Chrous
Marion de Vries Director
Suzanne Pasternak Composer/Lyricist
Tom Leighton Composer/Lyricist/Arranger/Music Director
Glenn Davidson Set & Lighting Design
Jennifer Triemstra Costume Design
Courtenay Hindemit Assistant Costume Design
Sandi Becker* Stage Manager
Reeva Hammet Assistant Stage Manager
*Appears with the permission of the Canadian Actors’ Equity Association