I’ll Be Back Before Midnight

By Peter Colley

Sherri McFarlane as Jan Sanderson

Photo Credit: Michael Grills Photography
A couple from the city rents an old farmhouse in the country. Their dream of quiet becomes a nightmare when they find out about a murder in the house and the vengeful ghost that is reported to stalk the night. Laugh-out-loud funny and scream-out-loud scary. Not recommended for children (or the faint of heart!).
Cast & Crew

Jessica Carney   Assistant Stage Manager
John Cleland* Greg Sanderson
Peter Colley Playwright
John Dolan* George Willowby
Tracey Ferencz* Laura Sanderson
Dorian Foley Fight Director
Veronica Formosa* Stage Manager
Raha Javanfar Lighting Design
Sherri McFarlane* Jan Sanderson
Elizabeth Nutting Set Design
Sarah Phillips Director
Adair Redish Sound Design
Jennifer Triemstra-Johnston   Costume Design