Wentworth Landscapes

We create spaces that get people loving their outdoors.
Think about some of your favourite memories in life. The amazing beach vacation for that milestone anniversary. The adrenalin-filled rock-climbing adventure you had with your friends. The backyard surprise party for your 40th that you never saw coming…
And how about those times you’ll never forget that weren’t even special occasions? The summer days spent swimming the day away. Reading a book in the shade all afternoon. The impromptu 4-hour dinner on the patio with your favourite people in the world…
Be it milestones or mundane moments, they’re all framed by the setting. They’re infused with things like the view, the scents all around, what the weather was like and a host of other things that all describe the space around you at the time. We’d also hazard a guess that most of them took place outside.
And that’s just it. We all love to be outside. Sure, as life moves along, the things we want or can do outside change, but many of the good things in life simply happen outdoors. We often forget just how good it makes us feel, and then when we do go out, we can’t figure out why we don’t do it more often. Life is busy, but we believe it’s better when it includes outside.


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